Thursday, 6 November 2014

Styx: Master Of Shadows

Converted from this dude:

Didn't try to do an exact replica, just capture the vibe of Styx. Pretty pleased with how he turned out, he's fcking tiny so the painting looks a bit crude close up. I put in some fun details like subtle pink shading on the rocks (like in some of the in-game lighting), bubbles in the acid vial, serrations on the knife, an Amber gem etc.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

180mm scale Space Wolf

Sculpted out of Super Sculpy and base-coated by gf. Sword and painting by me.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Tzeentch Imperator Titan.


I started this conversion over 15 years ago when I was actually inspired by it, then it languished for a couple of decades as I was put off by the daunting painting that would be required. Eventually I decided to make it easier by painting it mostly metallic (which would also suit the theme well), and finished it off. I did an airbrush basecoat of Ironbreaker (diluted with 1/3 glaze medium), basecoated all the coloured areas, then airbrushed a coat of undiluted Nuln Oil for primary shading, then started the painting proper. Because it was almost entirely metallic, I tried to get a lot of different colours and textures in the metals: faint turquoise for the armour, dulled rust for the mechanics, glossy and oily for the pistons, clean and shiny for the weapons, and sparkly and colourful for the towers. I also tried to blend the bone sections into the metals for a biomechanical look.

Spare picture for Bitz Id...

Monday, 3 March 2014

Faeries and Mermaids....

Steampunk Arielle and Steampunk Tinkerbell, sculpted by the formidably skillful Seb Archer for his own Guild Of Harmony range. Very fine details on these models, some of it easy to paint, some of it less so. I went for a bright colour scheme to match the cartoon characters, and then contrasted that with grimier metals and dominatrix black leather.